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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> item 11. city clerk: 11.140970[administrative code - calculating interest on residential rental security deposits]ordinance amending the administrative code to provide a new method for calculating the interest on residential rental security deposits beginning march 1, 2015. rent stabilization and arbitration boardd city clerk: 11.140970[administrative code - calculating interest on residential rental security deposits]ordinance amending the administrative code to provide a new method for calculating the interest on residential rental security deposits beginning march 1, 2015. rent stabilization and arbitration boardd city clerk: 11.140970[administrative code - calculating interest on residential rental security deposits]ordinance amending the administrative code to provide a new method for calculating the interest on residential rental security deposits beginning march 1, 2015. rent stabilization and arbitration boardd >> same house same call. without objection this passes on the first read. item 12. city clerk: 12.140980[summary street vacation - portion of raccoon drive]sponsor: wienerordinance ordering the summary street vacation of a portion of raccoon drive, between twin peaks boulevard and saint germain avenue; approving a quitclaim of the city's interest in the vacation area; approving a public access easement over a portion of the vacation area; affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act; adopting findings that the actions contemplated in this legislation are consistent with the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1; and authorizing official acts in connection with this ordinance. city clerk: sf 121234 >> same house same call. this ordinance passes on the first reading.
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colleagues let's go to special orders. supervisor yee has an item on this section. >> thank you, president chiu. >>supervisor norman yee: i'm going to take this opportunity of this order to recognize someone that has been deceased and i want to recognize his family of sandy segal is here and patty and their son and i believe the grandson was here as well. both sandy and patty are friends of mine and patty, for those that may not know patty segal she is really a giant among people that have really driven and developed and molded to hold child care system not only in san francisco but nationally. she is recognized for all the work that she's done. today, colleagues i would like to adjourn the meeting in the memory of
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sandy segal. she passed away from lymphoma. sandy was a math teacher in the san francisco for over 40 years in our public schools. he touched the lives of thousands of students during his years at presidio and lincoln high schools. the last schools being schools that both my daughters attended. he spent his sabbatical year teaching in ghana delivering much needed reif furbished computers for the young people there. sandy's love for education and being a mentor to children was so important to him. he loved to teach life's lessons as a tool. at tenderloin elementary
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school he used the beatles song to get the kids attention and it worked even in this day in age. sandy was a practical man deeply committed to social justice and world peace. while a student at uc davis had the participated in the 1964 summer freedom project working in clarks dale. he continued to work in the freedom of speech movement. sandy enjoyed his retirement spending time with his family and loved spending time with his grandchildren. he would often be seen riding his bike with his grandchildren behind him. today i would like to offer my sincere condolences to his family,
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his wife and sisters and brothers and thank you for allowing me to take this out of order and recognize and respect the family that are here. thank you very much. >> thank you. colleagues, i understand we need a motion for privilege of the floor to consider an memoriam. supervisors second and supervisor kim second that. thank you supervisor yee. with that, that concludes our 2:30 special order. madam clerk. why don't we now go to roll call. city clerk: first up to introduce new business at roll call, supervisor kim, supervisor mar,
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>>supervisor eric mar: i will be extremely brief, colleagues for the past several weeks our city has had many of our small artist and art studios through open san francisco studios. this coming weekend many of the artist in the richmond districts and many of the neighborhoods they will be opening their doors. i encourage all of us to support our arts as a key characteristic that helps san francisco thrive. san francisco open studios at the end of this week will mark the end of another successful annual art exhibition. it's the oldest and largest open studio program in the country and it features an annual month long art event in october and november that show case over 800 emerging san francisco artist and their studios. i love riding my bike in the
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areas around the studios where i live and around the neighborhood to see the artist how they do their art. i think it's critical. each admireers and collectors come out to see their artwork in the hopes to find their next true art love. it connects artist for engaging in dialogue and for artist. it helps artist build their mailing list, gain new admireers and those with sustain a living with art. it was wonderful to get to meet a lot of the artist but the hard work of staff and how they do this every year. i think it's especially important that young artist have been featured especially in this year's open studios and i commend the organizers
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for pulling the yung community in arts as well. from 11:00 a.m.-6 :00 p.m. please come out to support the richmond artist as well as other city artist from mason, marina, russian hill and north beach and hayes valley, nope a n and the haight and there is buena vista area as well and ocean view as well and other colleagues districts. the works of the artist will be show cased in an -- array of each neighborhood. you can pick up a borrow which -- brochure or going to the website for more locations. it's sunday. i wanted everyone to encourage support for our arts. they make our neighborhoods so vibrant and
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colorful. thank you. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor tang? >>supervisor katy tang: thank you. given that san francisco is a city that embraces activity, and those who self identify as limited speakers, 56 are chinese speakers and 23 percent are spanish speakers. according to the american community is survey that analyzed data for five 5-year period, 45 city of san franciscans over the age of 5 speak english at home. we are improving -- the board enacted an ordinance that requires each major public department provide
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languages which comprised five or more percent of the city's population. in 2009, a number of changes made to the ordinance. since it was amended the city department made a lot of improvements provided to people. it's been five 5 years since the passage of the le oshs. so it was my goal to revisit the leo to make sure there are no remaining gaps in our services and especially with tagalog as a language, we want to make sure we provide equal access to all of our residents. to that end i requested a budget analyst report analysis on language access service at our city as far as resource and language and identifying special operational services and
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evaluated and expanding role for office of immigration affairs. i do encourage all of our board members to look at this analysis when it comes out which will be released very shortly. today i'm introduce legislation to amend the leo. after there have been many discussions with city organizations and the departments on the chalice -- challenges and improvements that are made. i would like to thank supervisor chiu for his support on this. specifically this legislation will accomplish the following. it will remove the tier ed system that we have so that all departments are providing equal access to city services in the various languages and centralize a complaint process in collaboration in support of 311. it will stream line the reporting requirements for the annual compliance plan so accurate and effective
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information is captured and we can figure out how to better address some of the gaps that there are and it will address some of the language and a certified vendor pool for translation services. i think with all of these changes we are looking forward to having a good conversation on this on committee and i would like to thank the budget analyst office, the members of the language access network and grace lee from chinese affirmative action, adrian pawn and her staff at oc as well. again, i hope to get the support of all of our colleagues and ensure that all residents have equal access to our services. thank you. >> thank you. supervisors tang, supervisor wiener? >>supervisor scott weiner: thank you. i'm introduce a legislation to how the city treats owners of towed
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vehicles. we had a hearing at the committee to talk about this issue. we have a system right now under the consider contract with auto return where if your car is stolen and dumped somewhere in san francisco and towed, you have 20 minutes to retrieve it from the officer, if you don't get there in 20 minutes the car is towed and you are responsible for the tow fee and you have a four 4-hour grace period on the storage fee and if you don't make it by the four 4 hours you start having to pay storage fees. those fees can accrue and really grow in size and get to the point where in order to get your car out of the tow yard you have to pay more than the value of the car if it's an older car and some people end up
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abandoning their cars. this is no the the way to treat a person that has already been victimized after their car was stolen. the city used to not charge people before and there were changes made to start charging them and it's a really unfair system. the auto contract goes out to bid early next year. it expires at the end of june and it has to be approved by the board of supervisors. i think this board should express to the mta that this issue must be dealt with and whether that means waving fees entirely for owners of stolen vehicles or providing a significantly longer grace period beyond the four 4 hours and perhaps a reduced towing fee or waved towing fee to make the contract more fair for these owners. i think we need to convey to
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the mta that we expect this reform to be reflected in any contract that is coming to this board and now is the time to express that view not when the contract is for negotiating and it comes to committee or the full board. so i'm introducing a resolution today to put the the board of supervisors on record requesting the mta address this issue as it negotiates the contract. i want to make sure it does so as a way to not reduce from the mta contract. i don't want to take money away from the mta, colleagues, the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisors avalos. supervisor breed, supervisor campos. submit. president chiu. seeing no other names on the roster, that completes the roll call for introduction of new business. >> with that, let's go to
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public comment. public comment:at this time, members of the public may address the board on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the board will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting with one exception. when the agenda item has already been reviewed in a public hearing at which members of the public were allowed to testify and the board has closed the public hearing, your opportunity to address the board must be exercised during the public comment portion of the calendar. each member of the public may address the board for up to 3 minutes. if it is demonstrated that comments by the public will exceed 15 minutes, the president may continue public comment to another time during the meeting. 12341234 >> i have a new philosophical thing as i heard from the web the book said of the diary of king napoleon once said. i shall not waste my energy, therefore i would rather be, i shall
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not waste i shall always find time. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. in the lake of the world series victory which should have been caused for --? san francisco. instead it served as a sad reminder to see how ill prepared and in adequate staffed we are. on wednesday evening the world witnessed our city shamed and embarrassed. residential process damaged. defacing businesses with graffiti. public urination. fires being discharged
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illegally. physical -- altercation and gun violence. thesen suing post game mob scenes in san francisco painted a different source, the san francisco police department in a run away shutdown. what did our city government do about this? they rewarded the city and fans with a victory parade, of course. go figure. most educators and parents know that you cannot promote healthy development and teach important life values to children. if they are continuously rewarded for their bad behavior. i don't know how our city gets this.
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the city and staff should be held accountable for footing the bill for properties and damage caused as a result of the relay. they have acknowledged the previous history of probability offen suring. -- >>president david chiu: thank you very much. >> apparently my video is going to be dead. my name is chris udall. we
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as pedestrians are a perishable lot. we were bumped off and killed one of the families and the scene out front is is among the scariest pedestrian crossing. some drivers don't actually care as you see from my video. they don't care enough to stay within the bounds of the law. they don't care enough to wait their turn. they don't have to care because no one is paying attention. there is no one on a motorcycle waiting to summon that bad driver. there is no consequence for this behavior. there is no consequence until there is high damage for the behavior until there is injury or death. your response has been something called vision zero, your
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dream of zero pedestrian death. when i hear this phrase i immediately think of answerer oh vision as in blindness, as in the drivers blindness to the risk they put others to as in your blindness to the facts of our daily lives. when i see this, i see imagination zero and action zero. thank you, mr. president. >>president david chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm a staff attorney. thanks for the opportunity to speak today. we are here to support resolution with most standing in our community of the anti-arab advertising. in addition to this victimization and post 911 environment their
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civic engagement has been severely impinged as the problem. as you know we've been here before. this has been in san francisco for years. when we first came, san francisco stood together and at all -- at tall in such hate. 35 leadership, the board of supervisors, district attorney and the mayor of san francisco all sent a clear message. the 1st amendment may not allow san francisco to these hateful ads. this stands with the arabs and now the advertisements are back. we know that san francisco leaders will work with us to address discrimination after they arrive. by this resolution you rea firm your commitment to protect the arab communities in the san francisco family. for that we are thankful. we
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are here to ask for a little bit more as well, hate speech on these ads is not the only problem. there are attacks on the muslim american residents when they voice their dissent that affect the policy. thank you again for your stand. we look forward to continue working with you. >>president david chiu: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is bryce hammock, i'm the northern civil rights coordinator. i'm here today representing the san francisco bay area office and also the anti-arab ads. as many of you are aware it's a very hostile climate due to issues
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going on in iraq, syria and canada and even in oklahoma. these activities and these acts of violence by groups claiming to be of islam. we had a brother murdered in sacramento because he was muslim and called terrorist in front of their kids. this morning, a mosque had a bomb thrown at it. we know the ads in the buses are protected by free speech. we want to come here today and say we are proud from the response of the city. the sf mta's response in placing counter ads showing what a beautiful and loving san francisco is. the board of supervisors today is recommending this resolution
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and inviting us to speak. we look forward to working with you on this fight against hate towards muslim americans. thank you. >> thank you for the opportunity to speak, my name is carol sanders and i represent the bay area chapter of jewish voice for peach. -- peace. jvp area has 9,000 supporters and 200,000 nationally. we work to end israel occupation for people's rights in all israel and palestine and for compliance with international law. recently jvp launched a new project. it's called the jewish network against islam phobia. we did this because in our
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scope of work islam phobia is not limited to hate speech that is on the bus ads. it can take different forms that can stir blatant islam phobia that is much of our civil and political discourse at this time. one for example is messaging that we reduces the community to the good muslim and the extremist muslim. the good muslim does not spend from mainstream mideastern affairs. we look forward to working with you on issues regarding islam phobia. thank you very much.
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>> good afternoon, president chiu and supervisors. i have a graphic. that's in the 60s. it used to be a flower shop. this is a voter hat signed by tom an yanno. he was running for mayor. and go exciting and new come -- aboard voters we are expecting you. the gov boat promises something for everyone.
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set a court for adventure on a new city chance and gov won't hurt anymore. it's an open smile to a district shore. it's love gov. get your voter running. head out to the polls now. the big city is going to make it happen. fire all those ideas you don't want and make a good place like a city child you were born to be wild. get your voter running. heavy metal thunder racing with the voting wind and i hope you really win. oh a general thing as
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why i'm puzzled as to why certain intersections are getting traffic management and others have no control. it's something that i have been wondering about and it would be nice if the ones that are really dangerous got some traffic management. >>president david chiu: thank you are there any other members who wish to speak in general comment? is there any additional public
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comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. let's go to committee without reference. city clerk: items 27 and 28 without objection. single roll call vote. >>president david chiu: colleagues i would like to sever item 27. city clerk: kim, mar, tang, supervisor wiener, aye, yee, aye, supervisor avalos, aye, supervisor breed, aye, campos aye, chiu aye, supervisor cohen, aye. there are 11 ayes. >>president david chiu: thank you. next item. city clerk: sf 27.


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